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Tom Quinlan is an experienced leader in Pierce County’s legal community.  With over 25 years of courtroom and trial practice in all areas of law that a Superior Court Judge handles, Tom Quinlan is prepared to serve with excellence.    His legal career is unique because he has both private and government experience making a difference in people’s lives.  Also U.S. Army Reserve Judge Advocate with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Tom Quinlan has had significant impact on soldiers’ and service members families’ lives by prosecuting cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, and also ensuring that troops returning home have adequate access to medical and mental health treatment, including those suffering from PTSD.

A part-time Superior Court Judge and past-President of Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, Tom Quinlan’s ethics, reputation, knowledge of the law, and judicial temperament have been thoroughly investigated and examined by seven (7) different associations of lawyers and Judges, including WA Women lawyers, Latino/x Lawyers, Loren Miller (Black) Bar Association, Asian Lawyers, Q-Law (LGBTQ), veterans lawyers and the Tacoma Pierce Co Bar Assoc.    He has been rated “exceptionally well qualified”- the highest rating possible.

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The eldest of four children of an Irish immigrant father and an educator mother, Tom Quinlan was raised to value hard work and was instilled with a sense of duty to give back to the community.  During his tenure as president of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, Tom led the effort to enhance its voluntary legal services program to provide legal support for those in need.  This work earned him the Leadership Award.   His years of providing courtroom legal services to Catholic Community Services in its mission of administering foster care to child victims of human trafficking, crime, and war, earned Tom Quinlan the 2016 Distinguished Public Service Award. Tom has three adult children. He lives in Gig Harbor where his hobbies include their small farm.